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Macleans Toothpaste

Our Site has every source of macleans toothpaste suppliers you need in order to get a clean, fresh and sparkling white smile.

Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to find suppliers of all types of Macleans Toothpaste products. With a wide variety of choices the Macleans brand of teeth whitening and cleaning products, it is no wonder why they are growing in popularity.

Macleans is well known for that icy fresh feeling that its products give your mouth. This makes for a pleasurable experience when brushing your teeth. Macleans toothpaste is not the only product that can be found in the product line though. The list also includes whitening gels, mouthwash and even children's toothpaste.

Macleans Total Health

This line is made specifically to keep plaque from building on your teeth. With Macleans Total Health you can feel the cleaning sensation of this decay fighting toothpaste. Also, it provides 12 hours of protection so you can feel comfort knowing that your toothpaste is working just as hard as you!

Macleans Total Health has several products in its plaque fighting line. Total Health, Total Health Whitening, Total Health Mouthrinse, and an interdental toothbrush, to name a few. So add all these products for a total healthy mouth.

Macleans Confidence

Macleans Confidence line is designed to give you a completely clean mouth, with the added benefit of whitening. The White & Clean Iso-Active toothpaste has a revolutionary design where the gel transforms into foam while brushing. This gives it the power to penetrate to the hard to reach places in your mouth to get your teeth extra white.

The products in the Confidence group are Macleans White & Clean Iso-Active toothpaste, White & Fresh Mouthwash, and Fresh Breath Mouthspray.

Macleans White

Macleans White line of toothpaste and gel offers 2x the amount of whitening that normal toothpastes can give. That is why Macleans toothpaste is hailed as the best teeth whitening toothpaste by reviewers. Macleans White & Shine micro buffs away imperfections leaving you with not only a whiter smile, but a smile that shines.

Macleans Fresh

If what you are looking for is a whole mouth freshness, than Macleans Freshment toothpaste and Mouthwash is an option to consider. This antibacterial formula keeps breath fresh, and helps fight decay causing plaque.

Macleans Milk Teeth

Macleans Milk teeth is formulated specially for children aged 0 - 6. Milk teeth has a very mild taste that is perfect for kids. Normal adult toothpaste contains too much fluoride for a child's teeth, but with the low levels of fluoride found in Milk teeth, your child will be able to safely build strong teeth.

Macleans Toothpaste
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